Torr Haglund: Trustee for CSSD Ward 1, 2 & Cochrane




Catholic SeparateSchool Board


Goals if Elected


1)     Fresh Energy and Perspective

             As a new trustee I would bring energy and a fresh perspective to the Calgary Separate                      School Board.


2)      Increased Learning for Students

             To assess and raise the standards of our district in Provincial Achievement Tests 

             and Diploma results. I would pay close attention and create opportunities for children

             working below grade level, plus children in ELL (English Language Learners) to 

             increase literacy rates across our system.


3)      Sacraments

I will strive to increase the participation of students who complete the sacraments appropriate to their age. Currently only 1/3 of students have accomplished the required sacraments.


4)      Summer Reading Lists

Reading comprehension is so important in the success of a student, so anything we can do to encourage students to read should be pursued. I would offer the children, relative and age appropriate summer reading material. This was a requirement when I attended MilitaryCollege after graduating from St.FrancisHigh School. This opportunity gave me an appreciation of reading that I may not have found otherwise. I believe this would be a great asset to students throughout our system.


5)      Partial Pooling of Fund Raising Across CSSD

There are now schools doing with less in the CSSD. Based on Christian values, I believe we should share portions of individual school fund raising within our system. This sets a strong example of community among all our CSSD students.


6)      Strong Intramural Program

In my many years of coaching soccer, I believe participation in sports is very important to the development of young people. Of course, for young children, free play is also critically important, so you have to find a balance. I would strive to enhance intramural sports for grades 7 through 12 to include as many students as possible not just the select few athletes that represent our schools. The importance of learning to get along within a team and accomplish goals in a competitive environment is a skill that will benefit them throughout their future.


7)      Increase CSSD Schools in the Facility Rental Pool

In my experience, it has been increasingly difficult to find gymnasiums for youth focused indoor programs. I would like to see more CSSD schools participate in the rental pool allowing greater access for our children.  This would also increase revenue for the CSSD.